Solent Gay Men's Chorus

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How is SGMC different from other community choirs?
Good question! Try us out for yourself and we're sure you'll feel the difference!

Do I have to be a good singer and do I have to audition?
No, but it helps! We welcome people of all abilities and there is absolutely no audition - just join! However, all members are required to undertake an annual vocal assessment to determine their vocal part. You will be asked to sing a couple of scales, match a few notes, and sing Happy Birthday in your normal vocal range. The vocal test is undertaken in private, not in front of the rest of the chorus.

Where/when can I join?
You can attend one of our regular New Members Evenings (check our social media accounts and website for details), or come along to one of our regular Monday evening rehearsals (19:30 to 22:00 at Christ Church, Freemantle, Waterloo Road, Southampton, SO15 3BT)

Do I have to pay for the first session if I don't like it?
You are welcome to come along to experience the choir for a week or two absolutely FREE and there are no obligations to join after that. Our sessions are vibrant and energetic so we feel sure that you will love it! However, if you don't, that's no problem!


How much does it cost?
Membership costs £20 per month.

Do you offer concessionary rates?
A concessionary membership rate is available for the those who may find paying the full subscription challenging. Cases of individual hardship are considered by the Committee.

Can I pay per session?
No. We require you to set up a standing order to ensure that we can maintain the running the choir effectively, so it's best to come to as many rehearsals as possible.

What does the price include?
Our price includes your weekly sessions, gigs, venue, equipment, music, membership benefits including voting rights at General Meetings and the cost of our facilitators as well.

How do I pay?
You are asked to set up a standing order to pay your membership fees. We can provide you with a form to take to your bank to help you set up the arrangement, or you may be able to do this online with internet banking.

Can I pay upfront?
Yes, you can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Sessions & Performances

Do I have to commit to gigs?
No, all gigs are voluntary so you don't have to take part until you feel ready. We encourage members to take part in gigs as it helps to galvanise the team-building experience. Performing together secures bonds of trust and gives an adrenaline high and confidence boost. Once you have gigged once, you will only want to do it again and again!

Can I suggest songs?
Absolutely! Our Music Committee welcome suggestions from all members.

Do I get paid to do gigs?
Gigs are a great opportunity for you to perform and showcase what the chorus' talents! They also provide a benchmark for you to work towards. We do not pay our members as most of our gigs are either free of charge or undertaken for charitable purposes. On the rare occasions that we do accept payment for the gigs, we either donate the proceeds to charity, or channel them back into choir.

What happens if a session is cancelled?
We promise to do our best to make sure that every scheduled session takes place as usual. On the rare occasion that a session needs to be cancelled, we aim to give you as much notice as possible.

Cancellation & Other

Due to a change in circumstances I can't attend anymore; can I pause/cancel my membership?
We hope you love SGMC as much as we do, so if you need to leave for a certain period of time, please speak to us about your membership. We recognise that people are busy and life doesn't always run to plan. We don't currently have an option to pause memberships. However, if you need to cancel your membership that's ok and we hope to have you back soon. Please send any cancellation/payment enquiries to the Membership Secretary at

I'm unhappy about something, who can I talk to?
We are sure that you will never be dissatisfied or unhappy about anything relating to our service. If, however you are, please speak with one of the Committee members. This way we can be sure to put it right!

I don't want to sing - can I still be involved?
Absolutely, we're always looking for additional musicians, photographers, backstage crew, front of house support, or music arrangers. If you can help with any of those roles, please contact us.


Communications with members is predominantly undertaken during rehearsals and via e-mail. Therefore, please ensure that the Membership Secretary is kept informed of any changes to your contact details.

General enquiries can be e-mailed to or you can call the Chairman (Keith) on 07495933210 or Membership Secretary (Steve) on 07495933210.